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maxiStow inflatable fenders for superyachts

maxiStow Inflatable Fenders are market leaders in high quality, durable heavy duty inflatable fenders of all sizes, making them the ideal choice for small, medium and larger size Sailing Yachts and Superyachts.

Here at fendequip we know that every docking or mooring situation is different, and in recent years the use of fendequip's maxiStow inflatable fenders made from heavy duty fabrics and Hypalon have become the ultimate fendering solution for many motor and sailing yachts of all sizes including superyachts across the globe.

maxiStow are renowned to be tough enough for all berthing and fendering needs ensuring that any yachts topsides are fully protected from the range of dock and pontoon hazards that are encountered in all situations and weathers. The excellent UV protection will ensure a long and trouble-free life and should you have a puncture, they are fully repairable.

Crews and Captains appreciate the flexibility of maxiStow inflatable fenders; they are light and easy to handle when inflated and easily stowable into small lockers when deflated.

Contact us to discuss your fender requirements and mooring solutions.

maxiStow Range

We have developed a full range of inflatable fenders that will protect your boat in every circumstance, and provide a simple effective storage solution for any size yacht on any budget.

Mooring Fenders

Inflatable mooring fenders, designed to protect your yacht in all mooring and docking situations.

maxiStow Leisure Fenders (LE)
maxiStow Heavy Duty Fenders (HD)
maxistow Hypalon Fenders (HY)
maxistow Sphere Fenders (RO)

Docking and Pontoon Fenders

Bespoke inflatable dock fenders to either work alongside your current fendering solutions or for a specific protection requirement.

maxiStow Dock Fenders (DO)
maxiStow Flat Fenders (FL)
maxiStow Transom Fenders (TR)
maxiStow Swim Platform Fenders (SW)

Where to buy

You can purchase maxiStow fenders, maxiHooks and fendequip fenderCovers through one of our many authorised dealers.

Contact us now for a full quotation for your yacht.

You can also purchase online from our sister company www.fendequip-direct.com

Trade enquiries

We are always looking to expand our international network of Service Centres, Authorised Dealers and Distributors.

Please contact Paul Chown to discuss selling opportunities in your country/region.