Thank you for purchasing a maxiStow inflatable fender, the premier choice for all of your yacht fendering equipment needs.

It is our pleasure to offer added value in the form of extended warranty package for all maxiStow inflatable fenders purchased through any Fendequip authorised Service Centres or Dealers. Each inflatable fender comes with a 1 Year warranty, however by registering your inflatable fenders online with us entities you to a 2 year warranty from date of purchase**

Register your product and receive:

  1. Full protection. Warranty protection offered by your 1 year international and extended warranty to 2 years where applicable.
  2. Product Notification. Registering your product will enable us to contact you as product upgrades and accessories become available.
  3. Protect Your Investment. Register your new maxiStow inflatable fender for insurance purposes in case it is lost or stolen.
  4. Fendequip News and Events Updates. Direct and automatic updates notifying you about new products, benefits, added value opportunities, upcoming Boat shows, and Fendequip and dealer events.
  5. Confidence. Piece of mind knowing that Fendequip stands behind its customers and products!

Please take a few minutes to fill out the below information making sure all of the information is accurate as the information you submit will ultimately be recorded and referred to in the event a repair to the inflatable fender if necessary. A confirmation will be sent upon completion of the information.

** Proof of purchase required

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