Inflatable Fender Size Guide Chart

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Choosing the correct inflatable fender for your yacht is an important one. Here at fendequip we know that every mooring and docking situation presents different challenges, and have developed a full range of inflatable fenders and products to suit every circumstance for your yacht on any budget and yacht big or small.

To assist you with finding the best fendering solution for your yacht, we have developed a fender guide, and sizing chart. Click on the image to download your copy.

Inflatable Fender Size Guide Chart

inflatable fender sizing guide chart

Captains and crew from many luxury yachts and superyachts from around the world are now recognising the quality and durability of our maxiStow inflatable fenders, and trust them to protect their yachts in all mooring and docking situations, no matter the circumstance or weather conditions.

Contact us today to discuss your fendering requirements, whether its PVC or HYPALON fenders we have the right solution for you.


More information about fendequip products, including fendercovers, fenderHooks (maxiHooks) and antichafe gear can be found at

You can purchase maxiStow fenders from our sister companies on-line store or from one of our many worldwide Dealers or Service Centres in your area.

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