Dock Fenders

maxiStow Dock fenders are designed to work alongside your current mooring and docking solutions.

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When moored, maxiStow fenders provide additional protection, particular in tidal berth circumstances, providing you with a backup fendering system should a severe storm set in, or if you’re unfortunate to have a mooring line failure or breakage.

maxiStow dock fenders are the toughest inflatable fender’s in the marketplace ensuring that your superyacht is fully protected from the unknown range of weather, dock and pontoon hazards that may be encountered, during difficult and exceptional circumstances.

Valuable stowage space aboard is minimised as the dock fenders will fold down to around 10% of its original size.

Manufactured from the highest quality Hypalon Dtex fabric, maxiStow fenders are extremely tough, with excellent tensile strength and tear resistance. The fabric is also able to withstand climatic/temperature extremes, with excellent UV resistance.


inflatable fender size chart - maxiStow fendersDownload our inflatable fender sizing guide/chart

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