PVC or HYPALON Fenders

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PVC or Hypalon – Over the years we’ve all heard everybody’s opinion on what’s better HYPALON or PVC, particularly regarding its use to manufacture inflatable fenders. There are in fact many advantages and disadvantages of using both fabric types, but the most significant difference is price. HYPALON is premium fabric and is massively expensive compared to a PVC grade equivalent, costing around 40% more!

So is the extra cost of HYPALON really worth it? Well its depends really on a number of factors and intended uses, but in most cases probably not.

For over 50 years HYPALON has been the market leader for Ultra violet stability, and abrasion resistance, however PVC fabrics over the last 5 -8 years or so have made some significant advances and PVC manufacturers have found some innovative ways to close the gap dramatically between the two fabrics; Anti-crease properties, better wet abrasion resistance and a significant increase to UV stabilisation is just three examples.

Methane gas storage covers are exposed to some of the harshest of environments, so what do you think are they made of, PVC or HYPALON?…..Well next time you’re driving around the countryside of the UK, Europe and North America have a look out for large dome shaped buildings, these are Anaerobic Digestion plants that contain Biogas, the buildings Digester Cover is continually exposed to UV and are open to some of the harshest weather conditions 24/7 – Are these domes made from HYPALON? No, they are actually manufactured primarily of PVC!

PVC or Hypalon fenders

maxiStow HD fenders are made from a premium european PVC that comes with a 10 year UV rating, which is more than enough for the life of an average fender. Additionally, most superyacht inflatable fenders are fitted with fendequip UV resistant fenderCovers, which will undoubtedly decrease the exposure to sunlight, so why worry about UV at all and concentrate on the other factors, such as Weight, Abrasion Resistance, Seam Strength / Integrity, Cost and Repairability. 

Captains and crew from many luxury yachts and superyachts around the world are now recognising the quality and durability of our maxiStow HD professional range of inflatable fenders, and trust them to protect their yachts in all mooring and docking situations, no matter the circumstance or weather conditions.  

Contact us today to discuss your fendering requirements, whether its PVC or HYPALON fenders we have the right solution for you.


More information about fendequip products, including fendercovers, fenderHooks  and antichafe gear can be found at www.fendequip.com

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